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Ezio Auditore da Firenze by iGnOrAnCe13 Ezio Auditore da Firenze :iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 1 4 Rikku KH2 by iGnOrAnCe13 Rikku KH2 :iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 4 0 Snow.... by iGnOrAnCe13 Snow.... :iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 1 0
My Sanctuary Ch.7
My Sanctuary Chapter 7
You and Olette make your way down the steps to the beach. You start to bite your lips from the nerves you felt. Olette stops and looks at you.
"Stop biting your lips, you'll be fine, okay. You look great." You feel your stomach fill with butterflies. You look down at yourself again; it took you forever to find the right swimsuit. Olette managed to find you a lavender colored bikini with a white summer dress to go over it.
"Ehhh, how do I look?" Olette asks shyly.
You look at her orange tankini, "You look great." You smile, "You look kinda nervous too."
She looks at you and whispers, "I like Hayner…a lot. But he's too thick-headed to realize it." You both laugh and continue down the stairs. You sigh as your bare feet touch the warm sand.
"Feels like home," you say to yourself.
"Nothing…never mind." You giggle as you glance down the beach. The boys were already splashing in the water laughing you and Olette run towards them. The boys stumble back
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My Sanctuary Ch. 6
♥Chapter 6♥
Seifer, Rai, and Fuu laugh as you dust yourself off. Spotting something on the ground, you turn to Roxas.
"What are those?" you ask, pointing at the objects.
"Those are struggle clubs. Every summer we have a tournament."
"You hit each other with them?" Roxas smiles as he understands what you are getting at.
"Yeah, it's a lot of fun."
"Alright Seifer, I challenge you to a struggle battle," you say.
"Are you kidding me? I'm not gonna fight a girl!!" Seifer exclaimed.
"You're just afraid that you'll get your ass beat," Roxas said. Glaring at both you and Roxas, Seifer picks up one of the clubs.
"Alright, you're on," he said. You go to get one of the club when you suddenly feel something in your hand. You look down and see your keyblade. Huh?
"No way...," you whisper.
"~~~~, where did that come from?" Roxas asks.
"I-I don't," you say, you turn to Seifer and smile mischievously. "You ready?"
"Yeah," he says.
Rai jumps in between you two. "Ready! STRUGGLE!
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Rikku FFX-2 by iGnOrAnCe13 Rikku FFX-2 :iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 3 0 Me xD by iGnOrAnCe13 Me xD :iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 3 5
My Sanctuary Ch.5
♥Chapter 5♥
You yawn as you step out of the shower and wrap yourself in a towel. "How can I be sleepy? I feel like I've been asleep for a month." You put your clothes back on and walk out of the bathroom and you hear someone bustling around in the kitchen. Hmmmm.
You slowly walk down the stairs and into the kitchen where Roxas is making breakfast. Was it even time for breakfast? You glance at the clock. 6:15 am. "Why're making food this early?!?!" you ask. Roxas jumps and turns to you, almost dropping the egg that is in his hand. "Geez! Where did you come from?" he says and youlaugh quietly. "Anyway,I figured that you would be hungry, you've been asleep for almost three days. My mom would've stayed and helped but she had to work," he explains with a tone of sadness in his voice. "Oh, okay...," you say with a smile, "want me to help?" , "Nope, almost done."
"So ~~~~, where are you from?" Roxas asks you after breakfast. "Destiny Islands, but I left to find a friend
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My Sanctuary Ch.4
♥Chapter 4♥
"So we're gonna go to a few of the other worlds first and-." The ship started shuddering. "Cid! What's going on!?" you shout. "I don't know...," his eyes got wide. "Heartless! ~~~~! Get your keyblade and run to the emergency escape ship! There's only room for one, I'll stay behind!" You look at him with eyes filled with fear. "Cid, what about you!?" , "I'll get ahold of Leon somehow. He'll come get me okay!" You can automatically tell that he is lying. "Okay," you hug him and run to the emergency escape ship. You see many shadows begin to form and turn into little creatures. Gripping your keyblade firmly, you continue to run. Tears in your eyes. "Almost there- ah!" you say as you feel one of the creature's hands wrap around your ankle. You fall to the floor and the creatures swarm. You grab your keyblade and swing as hard as you can, striking all of the little creatures around you. Scrambling to your feet you run as fast as you can to the emergency ship. You cli
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My Sanctuary Ch.3
♥Chapter 3♥
"You okay ~~~~?" Cid asks. "I had a bad dream....well wasn't all that bad. I remembered his name!" Cid looks at you, "And that is....?" "Sora." Cid's eyes got wide. "I remember him! That kid came through here about a year ago! I forgot he came from where you lived!" You look at him. Where could Sora be then.....why didn't he come home? "Cid! Do you know where he is?" "I'm sure Leon will be able to tell you more." "Where is he?" "You'll see." You follow him to the big door next to the courtyard. "Isn't this.....3rd District?" "Yeah, stay close." "Ok."
Once you walk through the door you look around. It was a lot darker in this part of town. "This way." You follow Cid to a little house with a light on in the front window. He is about to open the door when a tall brown haired man walks out. "Cid?" "Yeah, I know it's been a while. This one asked me to help her find her friend." Oh. I didn't know you did favors." The man s
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My Sanctuary -Ch.2-
♥Chapter 2♥
You look back and give your room a fifth once-over. "I think I've got everything I need..." You leave a note to your parents on your dresser and silently walk out the door. As soon as you get outside you look've made it this're not going to turn back now. You turn towards the beach and run down to the docks. After loading all of your bags into your boat you push away from the shore and slowly drift to the island. You can see the tree that you and him used to sit on...suddenly waves of emotion crash over you and you let them carry you away this time.
-thonk- "Huh?" You say as you look behind you. "I'm there already?" You climb out of the boat and begin walking slowly down the beach. You walk across the old wooden bridge and to the tree. You climb on it and look at the stars. "Where's Cid?" You say, growing slightly impatient.
"Right here kid!" You jump and look behind you. "Oh, hey Cid!!" "You ready to go?" "Yeah." You look at your home o
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My Sanctuary -KH,FF Story-
♥Chapter 1♥
"That's it, exactly one year since he disappeared," you say as you mark the day off your calendar. "-sigh-" All the memories started to rush and him sitting on the beach, sitting on the tree watching the sun set. "Why can't I remember his name?!" You jump off your bed and look out the window towards the island. "I should go look for him...I have nothing left here....I need to call Cid." As you walk towards your door, you glance at yourself in the mirror,"Ugh...after I get cleaned up..I look hideous!"
As you pull your long red hair back into a ponytail, your twin sister, Kairi, walks in. "Where are you going?" "Nowhere, why?" "Gee, ~~~~, i don't know, there's bags packed in the middle of your room, what's going ---" She glances at your calendar, "NO! You're not going to look for him are you ~~~~?! It's been a year, he's not coming back!" You can feel the tears coming..., "What do you know Kairi?!?!" You say heatedly. You and Kairi never
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I've made a mistake
I know what I've done
But you can't accept that I'm trying
The guilt is killing me, and you make me feel worse
But I can't blame you
I don't know what to do
You're falling away from me
But I don't want to lose you
I'm sorry for what I've done
But you still can't seem to accept it
I'm still trying..but it's useless....
:iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 1 3
I wish you were the one to wipe the tears off my face.
To hold my hand, and walk through this with me.
To hold me close and never let go.
To keep me safe and warm and happy.
:iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 0 3
I wish I could understand it.
I've realized what I've lost and I want you back.
But I've been left behind to suffer with my guilt and lost hope.
We still talk like we did...joking...laughing...but someting is missing.
Could it be that...I still feel that way?
I miss much...
:iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 1 3
Me by iGnOrAnCe13 Me :iconignorance13:iGnOrAnCe13 2 10

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Is killing me....I miss my boy and I hate people ._. Urrrgggg!!!!! >:O I'm sick of people stabbing each other in the backs, I'm sick of drama, I'm sick of that nasty girl who never shuts up or bathes and can't take the hint that NO ONE LIKES HER! And I'm sick of college.....I'm sorry for the rant.....i just needed to vent. o.e So is everyone!? Good? GREAT!! Gimme some ideas on what to draw and/or write about.....i need something to do =="


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